Oh! So you found this hidden message hey!? Well, there is nothing to get excited about... This is really so I can add some key words to the site so I can boost my results on Google. I did start babbling on some random shit later on, but don't take anything below seriously. Having said that,

Professional photography service independent cheap low budget service graphic design graphic designer that is local to the inner west, Marrickville or Newtown or Glebe or Sydney in general. Marketing services from local independent free lance guy. Copy writing, writing or designing catalogues, brochures, vouchers, banners, advertisements, advertorials, posters, newsletters, flyers, signs or any marketing materials. Creative work used. Creative studio that can produce film content or photography works for OOH outdoor banners ads. Creative writing is also a thing. Love music and any form of art really. Firstly a musician, secondly a writer, thirdly a photographer and then a filmmaker. Sometimes more one than others. Local artist, drinks lots of local coffee and local alcohol. Love life. What else? You know... I used to work in advertising bla bla bla- got tired of it and moved to arts. You should check the art page as well, its better than this one. Its more interesting - but then again, if you find marketing more interesting than arts... I'll won't insult you here. Not even here, in this white font that you will never get to read. BUT Sydney Photographer inner west artist marrickville graphic designer freelance copy writer or simply writer of words, that don't necessarily copy anything. Not that copy writing does... so why is it called copywriting then? I'm sure copying wasn't allowed in school. And what would happen if we decided to arm teachers and students got caught copying? "Freeze! Slowly lower your pencil and put your hands up!"; and then white kids might still get away with whilst black kids... you know... get shot. Wow, this really turned into something more than an SEO exercise that consists on add key words to this page. Hire local photographer.

But yeah.... that's me. If somehow you managed to read this, please pardon the non-sense at the start. I was really just spilling out key words (like low budget creative service, graphic design and copywriting marketing materials for cheap ass people that can't afford for a big agency - not cheap ass people, that was unfair. Small businesses, which of course wont have an exuberant budget). Low budget is good. Low budgets, small budget, cheap, affordable creative services. Small business marketing. My name is Gabriel Pace Creative Services. Well, Gabriel Pace. Creatives Services is what I provide. My name is Gabriel Pace and for now, this is goodbye.