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Whale WavesGabriel Pace | Toby Harris | Ben Pantano | Josh Pantano
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Exhibiting Artist

Sculpture by the Sea is the world's largest outdoor sculpture exhibition, taking place every year on Sydney's coast, in Cottesloe in Western Australia and Denmark - see

In 2015, the Sydney exhibition saw over 500 thousand visitors. 

Whale Waves was a soundscape produced with electric guitars, replicating the sound of singing whales. Large speakers were hidden within the cliffs of McKenzie Bay and projected the sound towards the ocean, giving pass-byers above the feeling that the whale sounds came from the sea.

The installation was sponsored by Klipsch Speakers and Oyster Guitars.

Producer/Director - Finalist at Port Short Film Festival 2017

The Fox and the Hound is a song by English artist, Toby Harris.

The clip portraits the alternative reality story of a transgender artist (Vicky) and her alternate dimensional self (David). The clash of these two realities sends them both in a spiral of chaos.

Both, Vicky and David, are played by Diab Metri, a transgender actor.

Clown (current)

Between 2012 and 2015 I wrote a musical, which I initially performed as a musical-comedy act. Happy with the feedback I began to learn how to sketch and draw in order to create an animatic clip, which could be used as a jumping platform to produce a full animation.


Learning a new skill and putting it to use in this project was and is one of the greatest challenges I have given myself as an artist.

This project is still under production.

The Pace He WalksGabriel Pace
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Vivid Sydney Application

Oorie and Pop! are magical creatures who work in a lab inside the Sydney Harbour Bridge South Pylon. Together, they use science and magic to fight climate change with renewable energy sources.

In 2018, I applied to Vivid Sydney, the largest light festival in the world, with this animation projection idea. The application went through the second stage of the selection process and was a finalist, between myself and another artist. Eventually, it was denied, but it is still one of my proudest achievements, even though the project never came to live.

Recent Projects
Day-by-day 2.0
The God Damn Neighbours - Isn't She Just

Fully self produced, from writing to recording all instruments, to mixing, to release. Released March 2020.

Five piece rock band single release

Credit: co-composing/vocals/solo guitar

Released June 2020

Day-by-day 2.0Gabriel Pace
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Isn't She JustThe God Damn Neighbours
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Dingle Bop - Noise & It's never enough

Written and produced with Alex Susemihl

Credits: composing/vocals/guitar/bass

Released January 2021

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NoiseDingle Bop
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It's never enoughDingle Bop
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The God Damn Neighbours

Five piece rock band put together in 2019 - all original music.

Instagram Photography Gallery

During the 2020 pandemic I began an Instagram channel to host a personal gallery for some of my photos. @gpacephotography is still at it's early stages, but slowly growing.

Debut Stand Up Comedy Performances (2019)

I have always been a fan of comedy and wondered how courageous it was for comedians to get up there and basically be themselves - no acting like actors do, no performing music like musicians, but just talking and trying and make people laugh.

In 2019 I put all the fear aside... Okay, so In 2019, nervous as f*(&k, I performed my debut comedy act at the Toxteth Hotel - it went much better than I could have ever expected and have been steadily performing and improving my act ever since.

Commercial Freelance Work (2014 - current)

I began working with photography whilst working in public relations and continued to freelance ever since.

I photographed mostly in fashion, food and product shoots in studio.

Design & Copywriting

I also used my experience in advertising and PR to work as freelance designer and copywriter, mostly for small companies. This included designing catalogues, logos, menus and such, as well as creating content for websites and marketing materials.

Advertising, PR & Marketing (2009 - 2014)

My career in advertising was a mixed one - I wore many hats: copywriter, planner, I even worked as an account manager (not my scene); I always took particular interest in the creative process. I started at Publicis Mojo, ended at JWT, worked for a couple small boutique agencies in between, always immersing myself as much as I could in the whole process.

I worked with clients such as: Lion Nathan Breweries, Qantas, Nestle and Johnson & Johnson

My favourite samples:

From 2012 to 2014 I worked for a PR agency, working mostly with restaurants and chefs, food & beverage brands and the tourism industry. There too, I wore many hats - from marketing strategy and creative process to sales and taking the office's dog for a walk.


There I also started working with photography and began transitioning my career into the art world.