Walking down this dark road, passing trees above my head

I can feel the rising cold, the mood is grey-upset

There are no stars up in the sky, no moon to light my way

The sound of creatures don't bother me, but why can't I just stay

Oh, Oh, Oh....



The Pace He Walks - Clown Musical - Gabriel Pace
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They didn’t tell me to pack up, they simply kicked me out

There was no notice, nor a letter, they just went on and shout

“Get out of site you little freak, cause you don’t belong here

A clown supposed to make them laugh,

But you just caused them fear!”




And I know I have, I’m not that blind

I tried to make them laugh,

But all they did was cry            

Bwah, bwah, bwah 


Now I walk this lonesome road that takes me to nowhere

There is no point, I have no home

Plus who is gonna care for a clown            

That walks and walks around         

Just trying to figure out a way to go about

Being funny with no doubt

And make people laugh and smile